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About Me………………


Got my first camera from my Dad at the age of 9 (a 1958 "Contaflex i" by Zeiss Ikon) a great camera to learn on, a 45mm fixed lens and no exposure meter. Saved up my pocket money to buy a "Nikon FM2" and still have both of them.


Apart from photography my biggest passion is singing choral music and I try to combine these as often as possible (just look at my flickr site to find how often this happens, just love the look of concentration you can capture in the musicians, and the candid portrait photographs really appeal to me.


Partly with this in mind I have now taken and finished a National Certificate module in portraiture which was thoroughly enjoyable this adds nicely to a number of other modules and courses gained over the years.  Now having invested in Bowens portable studio lights I need to get some portrait work to justify the expenditure to my long suffering wife.


Any work will be considered, studio portraiture, candid shots at performances, and architectural just contact me for a very reasonable quote.


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